2022-2023   Season

1705 MacArthur Drive  Alexandria, LA 71301 (318) 528-7992 


  •    Parent portal:

We use an online portal for billing and communication called Jackrabbit.

 1. Register on Jackrabbit “Parent Portal”

     Go to our website home page http://www.gettothepointeballet.com

  • Click on “Parent Portal ”  top menu line 
  • Scroll down, click on the “Parent Portal” button.
  • Watch the video on how to use your Parent Portal located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Log In, use the email you plan to register at GTTP with. 
  • Make up a password and be sure to keep it. You might be asked to reset your password.
  • All clients are required to put a credit card or debit card number on their Parent Portal when registering a child.


  • Please be sure to read and save all letters sent home.
  • Please make sure you check your email weekly for updates. We communicate schedules, billing statements, weather closings and any changes through email.  
  • Please make sure you have an active email on file.

E-mail your questions to www.getothepointeballetacademy@gmail.com

  • We will keep updated information on the bulletin board in the window.
    • We will also post official announcements on our Get to the Pointe Student FACEBOOK page. 
    • We encourage all clients to be a part of the Get To The Point Ballet Academy Student FACEBOOK page. This is an easy way to keep up with all information that is being sent out to your emails throughout the year


4.  Billing Questions  

Email:   www.gettothepointeballetacademy@gmail.com 

5. Tuition

  •  Class are billed monthly, prices areas follows:
    • $70 monthly for an hour and a half once a week.
    • $65 monthly for an hour and 15-minute classes once a week.
    • $60 monthly for one hour once a week.
    •  $55  monthly for 45-minute classes once a week. 
    • $50  monthly for 30-minute classes once a week.
    •   Private lessons are $75 an hour.
    • 10%  sibling discount off of youngest child’s classes
    • 10% off additional 5th class and up (does not apply to families with siblings) 
  • All tuition is due by the 1st of each month. Statements will be sent out on the 15th of each month. Late notices will go out on the 2nd. 
  •  Your card on file will be charged on the 5th of the month if tuition has not been paid on time. 
  • Auto-drafted each month by letting Miss Sarah know through email at the  beginning of the school year. This is the simplest way to pay your tuition.

6.  Production Fee and Costumes for End of Year Review.

  • Production fee $100 per student, due January 15, 2023
  • This will include 4 free tickets per family and 1 free Revue book per family
  • Costume fees will be charged in 3 payments on your monthly statement, due September 1, October 1 and November 1, 2022. Same rules apply to costume fees as tuition. If the costume fee is not paid by the 5th of the month your debit card will be charged.

7. Production Fee for Christmas Review. 

  • The production fee is $50 per student. Due September 1, 2022
  •  We ask parents to please purchase a ticket for the show to help pay for the expense of the theater. 

8. Costume Fees for 2022 End of Year Review

All costume fees are due by November 1, 2022

Combo Class 1: 1 Ballet Costume 

    ($70)                Total-$70   

Combo Class 2 : 1 Ballet & 1 Tap = 2  Costumes

    ($70) each       Total  $140

Combo Class 3: 1 Ballet, 1 Tap/Jazz  2 in one Costume,  2 costumes

    ($70 each)       Total $140

Combo Class 4 : Ballet , Jazz / Tap    2 costumes 

    ($85 each)       Total  $170 

Combo Class 5: 1 Ballet, 1 Jazz/Tap   2 costumes

    ($85 each)       Total $170

Combo Class 6:  1  Ballet, 1 Jazz/ Tap        2 costumes

    ($85 each)      Total $170

Combo Class 7:  1  Ballet, 1 Jazz/ Tap        2 costumes

    ($ 85 each)      Total $170

 Pre-Pointe $80

Pointe Apprentice  $80

Pointe Junior  $80

Pointe Senior  $80

Jr/Sr. Ballet  $80

Pointe Variation $80

Contemporary  Ballet  $65

Hip-hop 1 $65

Hip-hop 2 $65

Hip-hop 3 $65 

All tuition and fees must be paid in full in order to receive costumes and be in the recital.

7.  Dress Code

TAN JAZZ SHOES and TAN TAP SHOES, ARE REQUIRED for class and recital. Combo Class 4- Jazz and Tap shoes must be slip-on not tied. 

 Canvas PINK BALLET SHOES ARE REQUIRED for class and recital.

  •   Dress Code for all class 
  •    Pink tights 
  •  black or colored leotards  
  • Black or colored skirts and dance Booty Shorts. No other Shorts are allowed.    
  •  hair pulled back in a Bun or ponytail  

❖ Attendance


  • For your child’s safety, we will lock the front door during class.  Please have your child dressed and ready for class. Please do not drop your child off earlier. 
  •  If a student has to miss class, they are required to notify Miss Sarah Ochs through email, beforehand. Roll will be taken in each class.  Attendance is very important for each dancer, to progress in their skills to the next level.



2022-2023 Season  

Performance dates

Year-end review at Coughlin Saunders Performing Arts Center: June 17th, 2023 ( date may change) 

Christmas review: at Coughlin Saunders Performing Arts Center: December 17th

August 8th  Classes begin

September 5th Labor Day – No classes

September 12th-15th  –  Parent observation 

October 24th – 27th  Halloween costumes (optional) 

November 1 Deadline for all costume payments

November 21st – 26th Thanksgiving Holiday – No classes ( class back on the 28th)

December 19th  – January 4th Christmas & New Year holiday – No class (class back on the 4th

February 6th – 9th  Parent observation

February 20th – 24th  Mardi Gras Holiday – No classes

April 3rd – 7th  Easter Holiday – No classes

If there are any questions regarding these policies and guidelines, please contact

Miss Sarah  at email- www.gettothepointeballetacademy@gmail.com

Thank You!

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